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Abs….Getting Started

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Abs….Getting Started

A Few Steps to Get You Closer to Abs

So you have got the motivation to get off the sofa and get those Abs you have always dreamed of.First thing you need to get in place is you habits in the kitchen, if you are still layering on the cheese on each meal and deep fat frying everything you can get your hands on…….Like a deep fried battered Mars Bar……maybe not.If you want to get those abs, you don’t need 6 hours in the gym every day or you don’t need to crack out 1000 crunches daily. In fact if you did nothing but crunches you wouldn’t get a flat tummy as much as a nice imbalance between your front and back. You need to work on both sides of your body equally which is normally why most people doing all those crunches end up with zero result and possibly more problems in the long run.

Step 1: Sort the Junk Food, dump all the high sugar foods or donate them to the local food bank. No one likes wasted food.

Step 2: Engage the Spices, this will rev up that metabolism and get your body burning those extra calories.

Step 3: Embrace the lighter side of Tea and drink more green tea to help your body detox and work better.

Step 4: Get a workout program that works for you, Fitness Classes might be a great place to start or if your a little self-conscious then go for Personal Training, costs a little more but worth it. 

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