GroupEx Fit UK T&Cs / Cancellation Policy

GroupEx Fit UK T&Cs / Cancellation Policy

GroupEx Fit UK & GroupEx Online

This is a simple breakdown of our Cancellation Policy and T&Cs, we have updated since our last policy was handed out in 2018.We reserve the right to change this policy at any time so please keep checking back as regularly as you can if you are using any of our services.

Fitness Classes

Due to the current situation our class size will have a maximum of 4 clients. If you are unable to attend a class we require communication. More than 24hrs notice equals no charge, less than 24hrs notice will result in the classes full price still being required this is if your Pay As You Go, See payments protocols. If you are a pay monthly client then you will just lose the session from your weekly/monthly allowance. We are unable to roll any sessions over to the next month for any reason. Once you are confirmed for a class, we are unable to allow you to switch classes without notice and planning, as each class is a hub. And it has been advised that hubs try their best to stick to the same sessions every week. Fitness classes are restricted to 50min to allow for staggered departures and the next class arriving.

Sports Massage

We are able to offer this service once again, availability is very limited, so please take this into consideration. If your session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the full price will still be required.

Personal Training

Personal training at this time is limited to 1:1 or 1:2 – if the 2 clients are from the same household only. We require more than 24hrs notice of cancellations for no charge. Less than 24hrs notice will result in the sessions full price being required, before your next session can take place – this is if you’re a Pay As You Go client. If you are a pay monthly client you will lose the session from your weekly/monthly allowance. At the moment all our sessions have to be 50min long to allow for equipment cleaning between sessions, as well as allowing you time to leave before the next booking. Moving sessions will be extremely hard as we are running on limited booking slots currently. So please try your best not to move around, but if you do need to we can not promise any slot will be available however payment may still be required.

Payment Protocols

We are trying our best to go cashless due to the current issues in the world. So please can you make sure bank transfers are completed before your sessions – thank you.. If you are paying in cash then can you please make sure it is in a sealed envelope with the exact money. As we will no longer hold cash on the premises. This must be presented before your session begins. This applies for PT, Fitness Classes, as well as, Snack Shop and all other services.

Arrivals at the studio + Leaving the studio

At this time with social distancing in place of 1m+, we require you to not come up to the studio doors. Instead you must wait down by the fence/gate at the Unit F2 entrance and we will let you know when you are allowed in. Even if you are the first client of the day please do not wait on the stairs, please allow us to open up. Leaving the studio please do not meet up outside for a chat or meeting. Please do this elsewhere. Class clients will be dismissed at staggered times.


At this time according to government guidelines we are unable to allow children or any spectors in the studio anywhere on the premises. So please consider your child care in plenty of time.

Time Keeping

PT – Please can you let us know right away for personal training if you’re running late. We will unfortunately not be able to extend any session times due to limited booking times and timetable space available. Communication is key.

Fitness Classes – Please arrive on time for classes as we will not be allowing entrance to the studio once a class has begun. We apologize for this, but it is in line with the current guidelines.

Face Masks

Face coverings are not necessary at the moment. The government currently advises against face masks for fitness sessions. If you do wish to wear one, please do so at your own risk. Clients must provide their own as non will be supplied. However, if you have a sports massage booking – you are required to wear a face mask, these will not be provided so please attend with your own.

Gloves & Hand Cleansing

If you wish to wear training gloves or full finger gloves, please do so. Clients must provide their own. Hand washing is required upon entering the studio – this can be found in the studio kitchen. Please do not touch anything until this has been done. Hand washing after a session is required alsol. Hand towels are not permitted to be used at this time, so we will provide paper towels for hand drying. Hand sanitizer will be available in several locations within the studio. Please also feel free to come with your own.

Sweat Towels

At this time gym towels are not allowed in the studio. The only form that is allowed are headbands and wristbands. These must stay on throughout the duration of your session/class.

Changing Room + Bags

We currently are not allowed to have clients changing in the studio anywhere, so please can you arrive fully ready to train. Thank you. Currently you are only allowed what you need in the studio so handbags and similar things can not be permitted at the moment.  Please only bring a drinks bottle, phone and keys, leave everything else in the car or at home. If you need to bring a bag please state this to us on confirmation of your session/class. If you forget your drinks bottle, bottled water is still available for purchase ( 50p ). Please ask your Trainer to sort this for you.

Snack Shop

Snacks will be available but on a strict pre order basis. 24-48hrs prior to your session/class, these will be waiting for you in the kitchen with your name on ready to pick up. We will not have an overflow available due to current restrictions. Payments see Payment Protocols.

Please make sure you have read these fully and agreed them before stepping into the studio.