GroupEx Fit UK T&Cs / Cancellation Policy

GroupEx Fit UK T&Cs / Cancellation Policy

GroupEx Fit UK & GroupEx Online

This is a simple breakdown of our Cancellation Policy and T&Cs. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time so please keep checking back as regularly as you can if you are using any of our services. – September 2022 – Last Updated

Fitness Classes

First Time – Classes will need to be paid for before attending unless agreed a cash payment is being made. Please bring the exact class fee as we no longer hold cash on site.

Returning As a Regular Class Member – Once you have come to a class once you will be asked to make a choice to return as a regular class member.  If you choose to stay with us for classes, then you will be charged per month going forward.

Sports Massage

Availability is very limited, so please take this into consideration. If your session is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, the full price will still be required.

Personal Training

1- Personal Training sessions MUST be paid for in the first 48-72hrs of the month. Unless your session is sooner than your invoice must be paid before your first session of the month. Invoices will be sent out last day of the previous month and can be emailed as PDF if you need this please ask if not a breakdown will be text or whatsapped to you.

1A- Cancellation policy of 24hrs for a session still applies or the session may not be redeemed.

1B- If a client leaves our service mid-month after payment has been made, unfortunately we are unable to refund the difference due to budgets already being set up.

2- As of September 2022 all PT sessions will be paid monthly an invoice will be sent out via messenger service such as text, whatsapp for example.

2A- Please let us know by the 1st of the month of session cancellation for the upcoming month.

2B- If payment is not received by the clients first session of the month, we reserve the right to refuse entry into the studio, but the client will still be charged full price for the session.

2C- Cancellation after monthly payment is made, the client has the opportunity to rebook the session within the month or it will be lost. Sessions cannot be carried over to a new month.

PT Client Agreement

1- The client will do their best to attend a booked session, we will make notes of each cancellation and if a pattern emerges, we can address the situation and talk it through as it maybe we are not the right choice for your current lifestyle.

1A- The client will do their best to action/implement the advice given to them via the Coaching/PT area of the portal and any handouts and other advice to maximise results.

2- The client will do their best and cannot hold GroupEx Fit UK or any other branch of the business responsible for lack of results if advice is not actioned by the client. For example, weight loss – the client not doing their best to stick to their nutrition guidance.

3- The client will do their best to reply to check ins and messages to keep up communication with GroupEx so we can change your Personal Training Plans to accommodate any change of circumstance.

Staying A Client

1- If a client cancels session(s) or takes off longer than 3 weeks in a row then they will be removed from our books and upon return they will be subject to paying the new price if a price increase has happened since they joined as a client.

2- Loyalty is rewarded with GroupEx, what price you join our PT service is what price you stay at for example if you join at £25 per session and our prices increase to £35 you will not be asked to pay the new price all the time you adhere to our T&Cs.

3- Time off longer than 3 weeks – If you are looking at going away or taking time off then please let us know and if we are given plenty of notice your session price and your regular session slot will be reserved for you. Depending on your Client Notes we have gathered (cancellations, late payment notices) you may be asked to pay a deposit to reserve your slots. (So, it is a reward for clients to pay on time and keep up communication with us).

Payment Protocols

As payment methods we have Bank Transfer and Cash in place at the studio. If you wish to make a card payment, please let us know in your initial emails for Classes or PT and we can send you a payment link for a one-off card payment.

Snack Shop

Snacks can be ordered and must have the order in no later than the Friday 10pm of the previous week.

Please make sure you have read these fully and agreed them before stepping into the studio.