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Hello and welcome to GroupEx Taekwondo Faversham. We are coming to GroupEx Fit UK Studio in Faversham in 2023. Classes will be small, taught by Instructor Neil who has studied a variety of Taekwondo and martial arts for over 20years. We follow a Kukkiwon aligned syllabus.

What You Will Learn at GroupEx Taekwondo

With our classes you will learn how to punch, kick, spinning kick and jumping kicks. With real world self-defence included in the syllabus. Belt Structure:

  • White – 8th Kup
  • Yellow – 7th Kup
  • Orange – 6th Kup
  • Green – 5th Kup
  • Blue – 4th Kup
  • Purple – 3rd Kup
  • Brown – 2nd Kup
  • Red – 1st Kup
  • Black – 1st Degree/1st Dan
  • Black – 2nd Degree/ 2nd Dan

Black Belt is for 16yrs+ we do have a Junior Black belt or Poom Dan a Red & Black Striped Belt. Then when they turn 16yrs old the student will have to retake the Black Belt Exam (no extra charge) for Adults and then can be awarded their Black Belt which is solid black with Dan Bars.

In all belt levels there will be ability requirements and fitness requirements, Gradings will be every 3 months and each belt level have 4 stripes to complete before a grading.

  • Stripe 1: Assignment (each level will have set assignments)
  • Stripe 2: Fitness Challenge
  • Stripe 3: Progress Check – Technique
  • Stripe 4: Progress Check – Poomsae

Flexibility is a big part of WT Taekwondo style so we will provide drills and exercise routines to do outside of classes and in classes to maximise your kicking height and power.

Association BMABA

GroupEx Taekwondo and GroupEx Martial Arts are apart of the BMABA (British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) every grading is nationally recognised and registered in the BMABA Database and can be checked by anyone for authenticity.

Weapons Training

At GroupEx Taekwondo we also include weapons training, Nunchaku will be taught in classes Nunchaku – 8pm Thursday at GroupEx Fit UK Studio (Coming 2024). Bojutsu or Bo Staff will be taught as well but mainly in the summer months as requires outside space. Taught by Instructor Neil Larrett who has competed in national and international weapons tournaments winning several championships. Click below for our weapons program pages.

GroupEx Taekwondo Club Information

Yearly Licence Fee – £15

Colour Grading Fee – £25

Monthly Fee (1 class a week) – £26

Monthly Fee (2 classes a week) – £39

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