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Throw, Spin and Strike Sport Nunchaku with great combinations

Unleash your inner martial artist and master the art of Nunchaku in our thrilling online Nunchaku program. This ancient weapon-based discipline, made famous by legendary martial artists, offers a unique and exhilarating path to fitness, self-discipline, and self-defence skills. Our program has both American Style Nunchaku & Sport Karate Nunchaku lessons, classes and gradings up to Black Belt Online.

You will learn the intricate techniques and fluid movements of Nunchaku, from basic strikes and spins to advanced combinations. Discover the balance between speed and control as you develop your focus, coordination, and strength.

No matter your age or experience level, our Online Nunchaku Program welcomes all martial arts enthusiasts. Join us to experience the thrill and tradition of Nunchaku, and unlock a new level of physical and mental fitness. Embrace the art of Nunchaku and embark on a transformative journey towards martial mastery and personal empowerment.

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Sample of Basic Sport Nunchaku
Learn Freestyle Bo Staff Spin, Throw and Roll

Embark on a Journey to Black Belt Mastery in Bojutsu with a Unique Blend of Traditional American Style and Sport Karate Bo. Our Online Program is Your Path to Achieving the Highest Level of Expertise in This Ancient Art, Enriched with Modern Techniques and American Flair. Are You Ready to Rise to the Challenge and Become a Bojutsu Black Belt?

Get to grips with spinning, releases and all kinds of combinations with Sport Bo and then dive into the traditional side of Bo training with our amazing traditional syllabus white to black belt. Learn the combat and sparring side to the amazing Bojustu art learning in a variety of ways.

GroupEx Martial Arts has won many forms competitions with the Amercan Bo Kata across national and online competitions.

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Sports Karate Kama, Strike, Chop and Spin

Introducing our online program for Sport Karate Kama, the legendary martial art weapon with a rich history and a dynamic modern twist. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or a beginner looking to master this incredible skill, our program is designed to guide you on an exciting journey.

Learn the art of Kama from the comfort of your home, with expert instructors and comprehensive training lessons and classes. Discover the mesmerizing techniques of this versatile weapon that seamlessly blends tradition and competition.

Our program not only covers the exciting world of Sport Karate Kama but also delves into the rich traditional roots and syllabus. You’ll gain a deep understanding of this fascinating weapon, its origins, and its evolution into a thrilling sport.

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Sport Karate Sword, Learn Kata, Strikes and Thrusts