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7pm – SH1FT

8pm – Boxercise


7pm – Stretch & Flow

8pm – L1FT


7pm – Stretch & Tone

8pm – L1FT


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All Classes Require Booking



On Demand Fitness Classes Available

What Are The Classes At GroupEx


You’ll torch up to 500 calories in a 30 minute class. And you’ll work hard enough to keep burning extra calories for up to a whole day after your workout.

It’s not just about looking fit, It’s about being fit too. SH1FT will not only improve your fitness, but also strength, mobility, balance, speed and agility (and your abs… if that’s what you’re after).

L1FT –

Workouts involve high repetitions of relatively low weights (bar and weight plates or dumbbells), which reduces the chance of injury but still allows you to access the many benefits of resistance training:

  • Build lean muscle mass

  • Increased muscle mass = increased fat burning power

  • Protect and strengthen the joints

  • Reduce your chances of injury or joint issues as you age

  • Shape, tone and strengthen your body.

  • Be strong!

Boxercise –

Boxercise is an exercise concept based on the training methods used by boxers.

Sessions typically involve hitting focus pads but no class involves hitting an opponent. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout which is great for stress busting, accessible to all ages and fitness levels.

At GroupEx we are qualified by Boxercise as a Boxercise Instructor, Kick Boxercise and Kids Boxercise.

Stretch & Flow – 

This is a fusion of Pilates & Yoga along with flows and movements you will never of seen at any other class. We are not a traditional Yoga or Pilates style, this class will tone you, increase flexibility,  increase strength and your have fun all the way.

We provide the mats, blocks and straps, we use equipment in occasion but want your body to move in a synergistic way with our dynamic movements while mixing in some yoga flows as well.

Stretch & Tone – 

What an amazing class – this is what we have been told by many who attend, a mixture of Yoga, bands, core/abs and flexibility training. We have had experienced bootcampers and experienced  Yoga enthusiasts take part and have loved how it is out the box design keeps you guessing.

Making a change to your muscles, mindset as well ad have a blast all the way. We use resistance bands in this class, provided by GroupEx. 

On Demand Fitness Classes Available