GroupEx Services

What we offer at GroupEx, we work hard to bring new services to our clients. We are always looking to bring the best service to make it a long lasting experience.


What We Offer To Clients, Online & Studio

Fitness Classes

Our great timetable of classes to get you fit and get you in great shape. With a bunch of like minded people whoa will help you through your workout.

Personal Training

Our personal training, bespoke to you, we look at your goals and what you need. Then we build a plan and get you results. As fast as we can, all you have to do is follow the rules set by us and you.

Sports Massage

We have a great massage service that wont break the bank. We focus on a specific area for 30min. Helping to ease pains, aches and strains.

Nutrition Services

Our service educates you in how to build your own plan, what you need to factor in when eating or choosing food and drink. Also helps keep you on track. Proven to help all you need to do it follow the information.

Online PT

Via our amazing app, we deliver workouts, nutrition, direct downloads, direct messaging and an amazing food tracking function built in. What you log we see right away.

Snack Shop

At our studio we have a snack shop. With homemade high protein snacks. In handy snack bags and all set to go. Orders welcome. We carry a small selection of snacks in the studio kitchen. Our fridge also carries water at only 50p a bottle.

Mailing List

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Motivational Content 

Keep Yourself Going

It’s hard to stay on track and stay on the right path. With us you get chucks of motivation in our emails.

Bitesize Chunks

Easy To Digest

We won’t be sending you essays and a presentation. We will send you the vital information without the fluff.

Ground Breaking

What’s New

In Health & Fitness you are always being told what’s new, what’s the best….We try before you buy and send you a review.

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