Studio Personal Training

Bespoke To You

Workouts made just for you, we create a new workout each session, where as most gyms/trainers will create you a workout for 6 weeks. We make new plans just for you each week.

Nutrition Made Easy

Nutrition is a large part of health and well being. We help you manage your food intake and whats a good structure to have. 

Private Studio Sessions

Train in our lovely studio, we are private and tucked away near the heart of Faversham, Kent. We have all the equipment needed for many styles of training.

Motivational Support

Our great “GroupEx Chat” is helpful to everyone and those actively taking part in the chat or even if you just observe.

Check In

We keep an eye on your body stats and adjust each month. We don’t hand you a book of knowledge we train you over time and slow habit breaking tips and tricks. 

Tech Help

We are not experts on tech but we will use your smartwatch to help make your workouts better and to make sure your effort if being put in. If you don’t have one then don’t worry we will still push you.


Pricing for Every Pocket


Studio Personal Training


Per Hour

Private Studio Training, complete with nutrition advice and structure. Bespoke Training.

Our studio has everything you would need to create a great body and hit all those goals. We have helped 50+ PT Clients reach their goals and worked hard to get there. They are clients from all walks of life from toning up to building a physique for the beach. So write down your goals and get in touch, we can help you. We can support you all the way. 


Online Coaching


Per Month

Bespoke Online Training, complete with nutrition advice and structure. All via our App available on Android or iPhone.

Wanting to make a difference? Can’t get to the gym? Then we can help you reach those goals from toning up to muscle building. All from our amazing app and great coaching. If you have a gym membership or just some equipment at home, your plan can be created fully to what you have available. Get in touch and smash your goals.



Grab A Workout Plan, Created by GroupEx Coaches

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