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Welcome to the GroupEx Online Martial Arts Academy we have a great range to choose from. If your looking to learn better kicks, get fitter and lose weight or learn a martial arts skill. We have you covered.

GroupEx Faversham Studio Classes

Taekwondo – WT/Olympic style – Classes Coming Soon 2022

Martial Arts Weapons – Nunchaku & Bo – Coming Soon 2022

These two amazing Martial Arts Classes Coming Soon to Faversham, Kent

Martial Arts Online

In 2022 we have coming to GroupEx level/colour belt courses coming for Bo Staff, Nunchaku, Kama, Tonfa and Taekwondo. These will be released throughout the year and then more to come. We will also run a membership plan to get access to all the training material for one monthly price (TBA).

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Why Train with GroupEx – Coach Neil

Coach Neil Shanghai Invitational

Coach Neil has gained 9 Gold Medals, 8 Silver Medals and Won Gold in the Invitational Shanghai Tournament representing the UK in 2021. He currently trains in multiple disciplines but holding his highest rank in Taekwondo, American Nunchaku and Bo.

Also has a background in Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. Teaching MMA for several years.

So train with a champion who has overcome so much to achieve his martial arts accolades. Along with training with a national coach and helped many people gain flexibility to kick higher and has helped others win championships and helped a few earn their black belts in a few different styles all before he became a coach officially.

So lets get your martial arts goals set, get learning, then put in the hours.

What we will offer: All COMING DURING 2022

  • Taekwondo Courses/Levels 1-4
  • Nunchaku Courses/Levels 1-3
  • Bo Courses/Levels 1-3
  • Tonfa Courses/Level 1
  • Kama Courses/Level 1
  • Flexibility For Higher Kicks Level 1
  • Yoga Flexibility Level 1

Courses Available

Coming Soon

Taekwondo Online
Nunchaku Online
Bojutsu Online