Free Challenge

Free Couch To 5K Challenge 

Apply to the challenge please make sure you have a Facebook Account to Access the FREE Training Group. If you apply for the GroupEx 5K Event Costs £9.49 and your be sent the first GroupEx Medal……..We have more events planned so collect them all.


If a challenge is not yet starting you will be added to the list for the next one. Current Challenge: 5K Running Training 2020 Starting 2nd NOV 2020. Apply below with your Email and then add your name and what your overall goals are.

No matter if you have tried everything, you haven’t tried this.

We have a great program for those wanting to get into running or train for the upcoming GroupEx 5K 2020.

APPLY NOW: GroupEx 5K 2020 7th-13th December

Easy to Use

Easy to keep on track with the Facebook App. See all new posts and keep on top of the daily tasks.

Hydration Information

See why its so important to drink water and what missing your daily intake will actually do to your body.

Meal Ideas

We will give you meal ideas all the way through the challenge. 

Lose a Few lbs

If you do what we set out for 14 days you will see an improvement.


You will have a network of others in the same challenge to help you through during and after.

Actually Do Something

STOP sitting there and thinking about it, Just sign up and take control.

GroupEx 5K